CE FDA No-wash Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Soothing Gel

Amphoteric surfactants distort and deform the cell wall and plasma membrane through charge adsorption and penetration into the cell wall, and then with key proteins of the cell life substance and enzymes that lead to cell respiration and glycolysis, making the cells inactive


CE FDA No-wash hand Sanitizer alcohol Soothing Gel


No-wash hand Sanitizer

Feature: 1.Hydrophilic emollient

2.No-wash quick-drying

3.Solubilizes lipophilic substances

4.Leaves a pleasant skin feel

5.Decreases irritation potential of surfactants

6.Better cleaning

7.Less rinsing needed due to lower surfactant

8.Less rinsing needed due to low Mild to skin/ pleasant skin feel

9.Subtle and Refreshing Fragrance

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