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What is the difference between a pure titanium frame and a titanium alloy frame?

Mar 16, 2020

Difference between pure titanium frames and titanium alloy frames

<1>. Titanium alloy frames will be slightly heavier than pure titanium frames, but both are high-quality materials, so from the appearance point of view it feels more comfortable.

<2>. The frame of pure titanium material will not contact with oxygen in vacuum during the welding process; while the frame of titanium alloy material is welded (called: spot welding), the welded traces are like a "slope" shape This is one of the most effective ways to distinguish these two frames.

<3> .Pure titanium frames are not in direct contact with titanium at the hinges; titanium alloy frames will directly contact titanium, which can easily cause wrinkles at the joints and obvious unsmoothed temples.

<4>. The specific gravity of pure titanium is generally 4.5, while that of titanium alloy is 8.9, and the material is equivalent to half of titanium alloy. Therefore, it is lighter to make the spectacle frame by hand. This is the easiest way to distinguish the two types of spectacle frames.

Now let's get to know the characteristics of titanium alloy frames.

Features of titanium alloy frames

<一>. Titanium alloy spectacle frames have low density, high strength, good mechanical properties and strong corrosion resistance. The finished spectacle frame is very light in texture and not easily corroded by moisture.

<二>. However, due to the poor technical performance of titanium alloys and the extremely difficult cutting processes, the finished spectacle frames absorb more chemical impurities such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon.

. Titanium alloy has relatively poor abrasion resistance and complicated production process, so each time you use this material to make spectacle frames, the cost is higher and the workmanship is more complicated, so the price is much more expensive than ordinary spectacle frames.

<4>. The spectacle frame made of titanium alloy has a much lower density than ordinary spectacle frames, so it has strong firmness and is not easy to fall off or damage the skin.