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How to choose sunglasses?

Feb 15, 2020

1. Pick lens color

Yellow, brown lenses (recommended by experts):

Can play a role in eye health, reduce visual fatigue, increase eye comfort, and can effectively prevent most harmful light. Tan lenses also filter out a lot of blue light, which improves visual contrast and sharpness.

Gray lenses:

Can absorb infrared and 98% ultraviolet.

2. Look at the lens material

The best sunglasses are polarized lenses, which are made of synthetic resin that is as lightweight and precise as contact lenses. Good quality glass lenses can generally block 60% ~ 70% of harmful light, ordinary organic glass can only block 50% of harmful light.

3. Look at the package label

Sunglasses with UVA, UVB, and CE markings on the mirrors or hangtags can only block certain UV rays.