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Classification and characteristics of titanium frames

Mar 30, 2020

Classification and characteristics of titanium frames

According to different processing technologies, refining methods, and process application methods, titanium metal glasses are also divided into many different categories, including three main types: pure titanium glasses, β titanium, and titanium alloys. What are the differences between them? The following will introduce them one by one.

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1. Pure titanium. The most convenient and critical method to determine whether the frame material is pure titanium is to look at its titanium purity. Usually, only when the titanium purity reaches more than 99% can it be a titanium metal material. Pure titanium glasses. The frame made of pure titanium material has high melting point, light material, strong anti-corrosion, and strong plating layer, which can ensure the two important properties of the beautiful and durable glasses frame.

2. Beta titanium. First of all, beta titanium is not a titanium alloy. It can be understood as another molecular state of titanium. Although the purity of beta titanium cannot be compared with pure titanium, its strength, fatigue resistance and environmental corrosion resistance are inferior to those of pure titanium. Secondly, because the production process of β titanium is higher than that of pure titanium, generally only large factories and large brands will leave the factory for production. Usually, the source group for customers is customers with high requirements for the style and weight of eyeglass frames.

3. Titanium alloy, the definition of titanium alloy is relatively broad. In principle, as long as it contains titanium material, it can be called titanium alloy. Therefore, the quality and grade of titanium alloy eyeglass frames are uneven, and what directly affects the price of titanium alloy glasses is the composition of titanium alloy. This is clearly marked in the introduction of the frame, so that buyers know what titanium and titanium are. What material alloy, such as titanium nickel alloy, titanium aluminum vanadium alloy and so on. One more thing about titanium alloys is that titanium alloys are not used to reduce costs, but to improve the application performance of materials. Currently, memory frames on the market are made of titanium alloys.