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Choose the right glasses frame for your face shape

Mar 24, 2020

The frames of glasses can be roughly divided into five types according to the frame type, which are frameless, half-frame, full-frame, folding frame and combination frame. To choose a frame that suits you, pay attention to the following four points:

1. Depending on our dressing style, there will be different styles of people in daily life, such as cute, literary, professional, etc. We must learn to judge the dressing style that suits you, and then choose the glasses that suit you. After all, if a professional person wears a pair of glasses with a cartoon pattern, the picture is funny.

2. Looking at the frame of glasses, unframed glasses will make people look professional; semi-framed glasses are more suitable for serious people; rounded ones will increase people's affinity; full-frame glasses are more versatile, everyone It depends on what occasions you usually stay in, and then the corresponding selection framework.

3. Look at the proportion of facial features on the face. If your facial features are delicate and look petite, you can choose a wider frame to increase your mental appearance and make your facial features stand out. Conversely, if your facial features are more three-dimensional and occupy a larger proportion of your face, then choose a narrower frame, because choosing a wide frame will make you look less energetic and increase the weight of the head.

4. Measure the distance between your three courts with a ruler, which are the distance from the hairline to the center of the eyebrow, the center of the eyebrow to the tip of the nose, and the tip of the nose to the chin. Look at the ratio of the atrium to the three courts. If the ratio of the atrium is longer, choose a longer frame. If the ratio of the atrium is shorter, choose a shorter frame.

How to choose a frame for different face shapes

Goose egg face

Not selectable: Try not to choose frames that are too large and sharp. Wearing thick-framed long-frame glasses makes your face and forehead larger, which increases the sharpness of your face; wearing frame-shaped glasses will lengthen the facial lines.

Optional: The goose egg face is more suitable for an oval frame. Choosing a rounder frame will make the whole person look much sweeter, and it will also modify our forehead.

2. Long face

Not selectable: Avoid choosing narrow and long frames with a sense of width. Long frames will only make your face look longer.

Optional: You should choose a round or slightly longer frame. A frame with a large width and a low temple can modify the shape of your face and reduce the length of your face.

3. Round face

Not selectable: Avoid round frames. Although round frames will make you look cute, they will make round faces look more round.

You can choose: long or square frame, angular long frame and square frame, which will increase the line feeling of your face and make your face look more three-dimensional.

4.Square face

Don't choose: If you don't want your face to look wider, don't choose a square frame ~ Don't choose a square frame ~ Don't choose a square frame ~ Important things to say three times.

Optional: You can choose some round frames to weaken the sharpness of our faces and also feel a thin face